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Picture Cards


A set of the Personality Dimensions® Picture Cards includes one picture card for each of the four Personality Dimensions® temperaments:


  • Authentic Blue

  • Organized Gold

  • Inquiring Green

  • Resourceful Orange


Essential for every Personality Dimensions® awareness, training, and specialized session participant. Each set of 4 reusable cards comes on a perforated page.

Dimensions Cards


Dimensions Cards are designed to be used in conjunction with Personality Dimensions® Picture Cards.


Dimensions cards titles include: In Relationships, which help participants explore their needs and expectations in personal relationships; Life Values, which examine a participant's personal values, which they carry into all aspects of their lives.  In Communications, which explore preferred communication styles; At Work, which encourage participants to explore preferred work environment and work style; and In Conflict, which examine the conflict styles of the 4 temperaments.



The Dimensions Cards appeal to all four personalities:


  • Resourceful Oranges can manipulate the information

  • Organized Golds can organize the information in the fashion that best suits their needs

  • Authentic Blues enjoy the prose style writing to create images

  • Inquiring Greens can work independently, acquiring new information to process and analyze.



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