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Career Dimensions™ - Exploring Your Work Preferences

By: Lynda McKim



Career Dimensions™: Exploring Your Work Preferences focuses on your work preferences. Unlike many career assessment instruments, CareerDimensions™ helps you explore the actual work environment in which you are most comfortable by examining a variety of areas, including: the natural talents you bring to work, your values, your major job stressors, your work philosophy and your definition of success.


This easy-to-understand, self-scorable instrument is based on the Personality Dimensions® temperament theory instrument and draws on the research and development that created that model. The lists of suggested occupations were compiled based on a wealth of previously published materials on type and temperament work preferences and the population statistics that have been compiled since the publication of Personality Dimensions®.


Career Dimensions™ is very user friendly. It is designed for use wherever a quick, effective, yet inexpensive work place assessment will enhance the job search process, e.g.: job search programs, youth employment programs as well as career and co-op offices.





  • consumable, one component format

  • time to complete: 20-30 minutes; untimed administration

  • nine steps, multiple choice format

  • self-scoring / individual or group administration

  • inexpensive

  • includes world/work; college and university occupations (not streamed)

  • chart of related suggested occupations for each temperament preference becomes the starting point for further research



Also available: Career Dimensions™ Facilitator's Guide, and Career Dimensions™ Online.



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