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Continuing Education Credits

Please contact organizations offering CEUs for more information on how to submit your training for credits.

The Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of Alberta has approved 24 CPD hours (Continued Professional Development) for members who have completed the Personality Dimensions Level 1 Certification Program.  Contact Sarah Clowater, Manager Business Development at 403-541-8700 for details.

Mortgage Professionals Canada has re-approved 4 Continuing Education Credits in 2018 for members who have participated in a Sales Dimensions™ delivered by a Personality Dimensions Certified Trainer.  

From Mortgage Professionals Canada...


As per the Continuing Education Program Guidelines you:

  •  Are authorized to use “RE-approved by Mortgage Professionals Canada for [insert #] CE Units in the [insert category] for the 2018 calendar year” in any marketing materials.

  • Must offer participants a method of proving their attendance for audit purposes. Acceptable proof of participation and provider requirements can be found in the CE Guidelines for Training Providers document.

  • Must inform participants to self-report their third party CEU by logging on to their MPC accounts at

  • Must ensure your activity is available to all mortgage industry participants in order to be listed on our website.

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