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Colour Savvy

Helping You Achieve Success in Your Work Life

By: Susan Geary PhD, Anne Bulstrode BBM, FICB


How can you succeed and thrive in the challenging work world that exists today? One way is by understanding yourself and those around so you can maximize your success in the workplace. This easy to read book will help you understand the 4 different temperaments (Authentic Blue, Inquiring Green, Organized Gold,Resourceful Orange) through a series of fun and insightful activities. This knowledge will help you appreciate others, interact with them more effectively and achieve your work related goals. Colour Savvy could change your life!


Susan and Anne are partners in Colour Savvy. Their mission is to help their organizational and individual clients become more effective and successful. Both are accomplished speakers, facilitator, learning consultants and coaches. They have been working with a wide range of clients in the area of Personality Theory, Management Development, Team building, Conflict Resolution, Communication, Stress Management, and Work Life Balance since the mid 80’s. They embraced Personality Dimensions ® in 2003 and whenever possible incorporate it into their work.

“We want our managers to have as many tools as we can provide to support their teams. Colour Savvy is an easy read, and a great reference for better understanding personalities.” ~ Katie Murray - Communications & PR Manager, Groundswell Group Inc.

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