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Personality Dimensions® for Education


Personality Dimensions® is the next evolution in temperament theory. It proposes that children are born with certain predispositions; values, joys, strengths, and stressors which translate into different wants and needs and be responded to accordingly.


Developed in Canada and inspired by the work of David Keirsey and Linda Berens, Personality Dimensions® is a tool which gives educators and their students practical ideas on how the various personalities learn, communicated, and interact with each other and how this effects the learning process.



High School


Through playful interaction with four cards describing the characteristics of each temperament - Organized Gold, Resourceful Orange, Inquiring Green, and Authentic Blue - educators and students identify their best fit pattern. The goal for the PD @ School™ Program is to build understanding and respect for each other and enhance self-esteem.


The Personality Dimensions @ School™ Program is a practical, hands on approach that addresses a number of areas in the Secondary School setting: 


  • Teaching Style: Personality Dimensions® enables teachers to recognize their own unique teaching styles and the teaching and learning styles of others.

  • Classroom Management: Personality Dimensions® empowers teachers to identify specific priorities and stressors for the various temperament types and to come up with strategies to create an effective learning environment in the classroom.

  • Conflict Resolution: Personality Dimensions® helps teachers and students alike to recognize and develop key strategies for effective communication both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Cooperative Education: Personality Dimensions® encourages students to identify their passion and to enter the world of work using their unique talents and skills.

  • Students at Risk: Personality Dimensions® can assist these students to reaffirm their core needs and to restore and rebuild their strengths and values, and develop appropriate coping strategies.


While similar in nature to the Personality Dimensions® Introductory Program, the PD @ School™ Program uses language and concepts specifically tailored to post secondary students.  This allows for greater understanding, retention and application of the material.



Post Secondary


A vital part of many business and related programs at college, undergraduate and graduate levels is understanding  personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as leadership style.  A custom-tailored Personality Dimensions® Leadership Program allows emerging leaders to understand their own styles and preferences, and provides tips on how to develop them for the future.  Recognizing and respecting the strengths, values and communication styles of peers in the classroom, study group, at co-op placements, or in social settings makes each of these function more effectively.


Personality Dimensions® provides students with a better understanding of work relationships, and how to achieve extraordinary results, thus giving graduates an advantage when seeking employment..

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