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Living Your Colors

Practical Wisdom for Life, Love, Work, and Play

By: Tom Maddron


Discover Your True Personality and Promising Relationships Through the Secrets of the Color Guide: Practical Wisdom for Life, Love, Work, and Play


Gold, Blue, Orange, and Green... Find out what these colors reveal about you and your most intimate relationships.


The key to your secret self is just an easy quiz away. Take the Color Test to identify your dominant color and open the door to amazing new insights about how you handle work, family, and romance. Based on a synergistic combination of ancient wisdom and modern psychology, Living Your Colors is a fun and accurate guide that will help you understand yourself and those around you.



  • Your color's hidden talents

  • Your color's most promising matches for lasting love

  • Your color's best career choices (over 100 top jobs discussed)

  • The temptations your color can't resist

  • Your color's leadership style and how you best influence others

  • Your color's strengths, habits, likes, and dislikes

  • Your color's parenting style and its impact on your child's color

  • What you can learn from each of the other colors.


Gain new insights that will help you live better every day, in every way, with Living Your Colors.

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