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Personality Dimensions® Online


The Personality Dimensions assessment can now be administered online at  PD-Online is a convenient alternative to the card sort and pencil/paper assessment; by having clients complete their assessment prior to the workshop, more time can be devoted to the important parts of the workshop itself;  new trainers can start working with Personality Dimensions® right away, as there are no upfront costs or account fees -- you only pay for the assessments you need.  Trainers can choose from any one of four available assessments/reports that best meets their clients' needs.


Profile Report


The PD-Online™ Profile Report is a comprehensive, 8 page portrait that captures your clients’ preferences in the familiar, easy-to-read, personalized scoring sheet. The scoring sheet is combined with the “PD in Action” booklet to create an attractive, complete report that your clients can refer to again and again.


Professional Report


Just a quick glance through the 24 pages of the PD-Online Professional Report will point out many of the important features – extended descriptions on the Needs and Values; Strengths and Potential Challenges of each colour preference and a description of each preference at work, both as a Leader and as an Employee. There are also tips for working with each colour preference – sections on stresses, what the stressed person looks like and ways they can overcome stress. And great “quick reference” charts on How to “Read” and “Communicate With” each colour preference are among the many features. 

This PD-Online™ Professional Report, written by the authors of Colour Savvy, Anne Bulstrode and Susan Geary, is information that is essential for creating understanding of self and others, and an incredibly powerful tool to help support Personality Dimensions® trainers and their work within organizations.

Wellness Report.png

Wellness Report


The Personality Dimensions® Wellness Report is an essential tool as part of a wellbeing program. This 38 page personalized report outlines the Needs & Values, Strengths, and the take on Wellness for each of the four personality dimensions. It goes into further detail by looking at six Wellness factors – physical, intellectual, spiritual, work, emotional, and social; each section explores the approach, how Introverts & Extraverts may differ, as well as challenges & tips for improving personal Wellness.

The PD-Online Wellness Report, written by the authors of Your Personality Unlocked and Colour Savvy Anne Bulstrode and Susan Geary, was created with online learning in mind. The sections in the report a laid out in a modular fashion, and can be explored individually. The report leaves a lasting impact that can be saved to a device or printed out for future reference.


PD Basics™ Online


PD Basics™ was created with lower English literacy skills in mind.  It was painstakingly edited, reviewed, re-edited, and reviewed many times over to bring it to a reasonable and consistent grade level;  It falls somewhere between a grade 4 -5 on the Flesch–Kincaid readability test.  It uses the same concepts, and some of the same terminology at the original Personality Dimensions® assessment, but removes the colloquialisms, and slang terms that can be difficult to understand for adults who are learning English, or have lower literacy skills.  


The PD Basics™ Profile Report is a comprehensive, 8 page portrait that captures your clients' preferences   PD Basics Online™ has all the same parts as the paper-based assessment, but with four additional sections that look at Getting Along With the four personalities, Problems Caused By, Rewarding each of the personalities, and descriptions of Preferred Work Environments.


PD for Youth™ Online


Paired with specific PD for Youth™ Dimension Cards looking at Life Values, With Friends and Family, Learning, as well as an optional At Work Card along with the standard Picture Cards, the 8 page The PD for Youth™ Profile Report better speaks to teenagers as well as young adults, but also avoids school-based terminology as this may be a barrier for some youth. 


The PD for Youth™ Profile Report  explores the Characteristics, Likes, Needs, Skills, Strengths and Potential Weaknesses of each colour. It also features five sections that look at Getting Along with the four personalities, Problems Caused By, Rewarding each of the personalities, as well as descriptions of preferred Work and Learning Environments.


Career Dimensions™ Online


Career Dimensions Online focuses on individual work preferences. Unlike many career assessment instruments, Career Dimensions™ explores the actual work environment in which clients are most comfortable by examining a variety of areas, including: the natural talents brought to work, values, major job stressors, work philosophy and definition of success.


This easy-to-understand survey is based on the Personality Dimensions® system and draws on the research and development that created that model. The personalized 13 page report includes lists of suggested occupations with NOC codes (exclusive to Career Dimensions Online™), and a section for setting goals and creating next steps along their career path.


The lists of suggested occupations were compiled based on a wealth of previously published materials on type and temperament work preferences and the population statistics that have been compiled since the publication of Personality Dimensions®. Career Dimensions Online is very user friendly and is designed for use wherever a quick, effective, yet inexpensive work place assessment will enhance the job search process, e.g.: job search programs, youth employment programs as well as career and co-op offices.


Retirement Dimensions™ Online


Retirement Dimensions Online will help you assist those who are contemplating their retirement, are newly retired and those who are interested in broadening their retirement activity options.


Participants expand their horizons through exploring their values, strengths, concerns, interests and relationship preferences as well as their philosophical view of this chapter in their lives. Retirement Dimensions Online develops those preferences into profiles of four personality temperaments, or colours, and encourages participants to explore each of the components that make up their own personality blend and helps participants gain an understanding and appreciation for others. The 11 page personalized report provides a list of suggested activities for each personality preference that can be referred to again and again, as well as a section for setting goals and plans for the future.


Participants who have already taken the Personality Dimensions® system will gain the greatest benefit from working with Retirement Dimensions™, but this tool can be used on its own as well.

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