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Please Understand Me II

By: David Keirsey


Please Understand Me, first published in 1978, sold nearly two million copies, becoming a perennial best seller all over the world. Now available, the completely revised edition: Please Understand Me II


This updated and greatly expanded edition features:


  • A revised questionnaire:  The Keirsey Temperament Sorter II

  • A new short questionnaire:  The Keirsey FourTypes Sorter

  • Greatly expanded descriptions of the four temperaments

  • New examples from history, literature, science, and the arts

  • Updates of the sixteen type portraits

  • A brief history of temperament theory - from Plato to Myers

  • New comprehensive chapters on Mating and Parenting

  • Keirsey's new ideas on temperament-determined intelligence

  • A new chapter on Leading and Intelligence, or SmartWork


In the twenty years between editions, Professor Keirsey continued to investigate personality differences to refine his theory of the four temperaments and to define their unique facets of character. Please Understand Me II is the result of his work, presented in a comprehensive and easily accessible format.

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