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Retirement Dimensions™ - Exploring Retirement Preferences

By: Kate Jones, Nell Smith, Roberta Neault, Fiona Glendinning, Marilyn Berezowsky



Retirement Dimensions™ will help you assist those who are contemplating their retirement, or who are newly retired and interested in broadening their retirement activity options.


Participants explore their values, strengths, concerns, interests and relationship preferences as well as their philosophical view of retirement through a series of statements and rate their selections as most like them, a lot like them, somewhat like them and least like them. The tool provides descriptions of each of the four personality preferences and encourages participants to explore each of the components that make up their personality blend and to gain an understanding appreciation and appreciation for others. The convenient 12 panel fold-out format provides a list of suggested activities for each personality preference that participants can refer to again and again.


Participants who have already taken the Personality Dimensions® system will gain the greatest benefit from working with Retirement Dimensions™, but this tool can be used on its own as well. Retirement Dimensions™ gives you and your clients permission to dream outside the retirement box.


Also available: Retirement Dimensions™ Toolkit, and Retirement Dimensions™ Online.


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