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Sales Dimensions™



Help sales professionals increase their actual sales exponentially by developing their Personality Radar™


The Sales Dimensions™ Workshop provides:


  • The complete workshop outline

  • A quick overview of a basic Personality Dimensions® workshop

  • Personality Dimensions® handouts

  • Handouts specific to sales professionals

  • A customized PowerPoint® presentation

  • Several exercises, tailored to sales professionals for:

    • Understanding the need to adapt sales approaches

    • Helping sales professionals understand their own sales styles

    • Identifying the Personality Dimensions® of clients (Personality Radar™)

    • Matching closing approaches to personality



Recognizing that we all like to individualize our workshops, this package also Includes a CD with the PowerPolnt® presentation and masters of workshop handouts that you can customize to meet the objectives of your clients. Sales Dimensions™ provides facilitators notes for each activity, complete with learning objectives and detailed instructions. Many exercises include tips for customizing and suggested variations; all exercises include Instructions for debriefing.

Personality Dimensions Sales Wheel™


The revolutionary Sales Wheel™ is what sets Sales Dimensions™ apart from other sales training programs; It helps your clients develop their Personality Radar™ to successfully sell to all types of customers, even the ones they don’t naturally connect with. By pointing out how customers perceive the approach of a sales professional, the The Sales Wheel™ gives sound advice on how to shift their approach to create a better sales relationship.

This handy takeaway tool reminds your clients of the skills and techniques that they learned in the workshop, and allows them to continue working towards greater sales success.

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