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Training Program Levels & Prerequisites 

Personality theory/temperament tools translate complex personality theory into everyday language. Personality Dimensions is presented in lively, interactive and informative workshops that makes the learning memorable and easy to apply.

Colour-coded cards provide strong memory cues to represent the four major personality strengths and preferences. Use Personality Dimensions to create an understanding and recognition of our differences as gifts and strengths and a positive atmosphere of discovery with a focus on exploring existing and emerging human potential.

Program Definitions

Qualified Facilitator (Level I)

Participants complete a minimum of 21 hours of in-depth training over and above any introductory programs. This training is delivered by a qualified Level II or III facilitator and involves acquiring an understanding and appreciation for the history and theoretical background of the tool, as well as learning practical, positive facilitation techniques and strategies for handling any stereotypes or negative comments that may exist.

Qualified Facilitators may:

  • purchase training and related materials from Career/LifeSkills Resources;

  • promote themselves as Qualified Facilitators (Level I) both inside and outside their organization;

  • organize and conduct Introductory and Application sessions.


Participants must successfully complete (80% minimum to pass) an exam on the third day in order to gain Qualified Facilitator status. There will be homework on the evenings of the first and second day of the program.


Prerequisite: Adult/group facilitation experience; attendance at a Personality Dimensions®, or other personality temperament/type introductory session


Bridging to Qualified Facilitator (Level I)


A bridging workshop gives existing psychological temperament and type instrument qualified facilitators an opportunity to gain equivalent qualification for the Personality Dimensions® self-discovery model. Participants will complete a minimum 3 hour, or up to 6 hour, workshop depending on the Facilitator Trainer, to the Personality Dimensions® model. Participants in bridging sessions receive the Personality Dimensions® Manual and Facilitators Guide, and a full set of the standard adult level Dimension Cards, Traits and Characteristics checklists, and a PD in Action booklet. Bridging fees include the cost of certification as a PD Facilitator. 


Prerequisite: proof of qualification in a recognized temperament or type instrument


Facilitator-Trainer (Level II)


This qualifying program is an opportunity to dramatically enhance your Personality Dimensions® skills specific to your own role as a Qualified Facilitator and gain the necessary qualification to conduct 21 hour Qualified Facilitator (Level I) programs.

Prerequisite: Qualified Facilitator-Trainers (Level II) must be certified as Facilitators (Level I) for at least one year and have demonstrably completed a variety of sessions on different topics beyond introductory sessions. Having met this prerequisite, they must also complete an additional Level II program of in-depth training delivered by a qualified Level III/Master Trainer. This training focuses on additional history, theory and train-the-trainer strategies. Attendees will be required to submit an outline of a specific application session in advance and demonstrate the same at the training program. Certification is dependent upon evaluation by the Master Trainer.

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