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Become Part of a Growing Global Community of Recognized and Respected Trainers


Personality Dimensions® is used around the world in: Canada, the United States of America, Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, China, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, the United Kingdom and others. Once you become certified your certification stays with you for life; even if you change your employer or move to a different country. As well, there are no recertification fees, assigned territories, or continuing education credits required.



Who should become a Personality Dimensions® Certified Trainer???


  • Management Consultants

  • Executive Coaches

  • Organizational Development Specialists

  • Career/Vocational Practioners

  • Team Leaders

  • Human Resources Specialists

  • Individual/Family Counsellors



In addition to this powerful and practical learning experience, you will receive...


  • The Personality Dimensions® Manual

  • Building Blocks to a Personality Dimensions® Introductory Workshop with PowerPoint® and handouts USB.

  • A set of the standard reading level adult materials

  • Your Certificate of Qualification



Upon successful completion of the certification program you will be qualified to run Personality Dimensions® introductory and application workshops. You will also receive a certificate designating your qualification.



As a Certified Personality Dimensions® Trainer you...


  • will never have to pay additional licensing or re-certification fees.

  • have access to all applications of the Personality Dimensions system, and can deliver workshops on Team Building, Communication, Work/Life Balance, Learning Styles, Conflict and others!

  • likely do not have to deal with international shipping/duty fees - orders shipping to a Canadian address ship from Canada; orders shipping to a US address ship from the USA; orders shipping to an Australian address ship from Australia; orders shipping to a Hong Kong address ship from Hong Kong.

  • may receive discounts on selected Personality Dimensions® products, as applicable. Note that any discounts offered are only available to qualified facilitators or on purchases made for the use of the qualified facilitator.



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