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The Lighter Side of Talking in Colour

By: Michael Tudor


From children and parenting to stress and relationships, this video takes a light-hearted and humorous look at how all of the colours act in day-to-day life at different ages and in different stages. In this live presentation, Michael Tudor brings over 25 years of experiences, stories and anecdotes as an educator, speaker and Personality Dimensions® Master Trainer. 





  1. Introduction

  2. The Lighter Side of Stress

  3. Every Shade of Development

  4. Colourful Kids in the Classroom

  5. The Colourful Side of Friends, Family,                                                                                                            Marriage and Parenting

  6. Partying People

  7. Tying it all Together


The Lighter Side of Talking in Colour makes a great addition to Personality Dimensions® workshops and adds a generous serving of laughter to those experiencing a ‘Taste of Colour’ for the first time.

Table Cloths


Add a splash of colour to your Personality Dimensions® workshop!  This set of four 84" round Table Cloths give a more custom feel to your training space, and adds a visual reminder for "brightened" group activities.  Note: packaging may be different from what is shown depending on availability from our suppliers, however the contents are the same.

Poster Cards


Here it is ... the companion book to Building Blocks!


Just as Lynda Mckim walked you step by step through a Personality Dimensions® workshop in her first book, Building Blocks, she now offers practical how-to advice for creating effective and enjoyable Applications Session. Included in Winning Workshop Strategies are clear, easy-to-follow directions and suggestions for planning and conducting every aspect of a winning Personality Dimensions® Application Session. As a bonus, Lynda provides a number of ice-breakers, and exercises for testing and reviewing learning in interesting and entertaining ways, as well as techniques for forming groups and workshop wrap-ups.


Winning Workshop Strategies offers a variety of proven exercises and strategies, developed over years by Lynda and many of her colleagues, which can be used to teach PD concepts in a variety of settings (Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Communications, to name a few).


This book will definitely be an asset in developing and delivering highly successful workshops. A must for new facilitators and for experienced facilitators who are looking for new ideas.



To leave a greater, lasting effect with your clients, don't forget to pick up some Personality Dimensions® buttons. Individuals can proudly display their dominant colour as a reminder of your workshop. These 1 ½” pin-back buttons are available in each of the four colours/temperaments. Also available in French. Show your personality by wearing one of these buttons!


Available styles include...


  • Authentic Blue

  • Organized Gold

  • Inquiring Green

  • Resourceful Orange

  • Certified Trainer

  • Le bleu authentique

  • L'or organisé

  • Le vert curieux

  • L'orange astucieux

  • Formateur Agréé

Temperament Targets Poster

By: Lynda Berens


This poster vividly displays the Temperament Targets as associated with the Personality Dimensions® temperaments. In addition, the poster graphically displays the bridges (or Things in Common) between each temperament. This poster can become an easy focal point for participants and employees in conflict management, communication, and team building workshop settings. Use this easy reference to keep temperament alive in your workplace and workshops.

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