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Your Personality Unlocked

Living life to its fullest

By:  Anne Bulstrode BBM, FICB & Susan Geary PhD


What does it mean to unlock your personality? It is all about understanding who you are. Why do you do things a certain way? Why do some things come so naturally for some, yet for others they can be a struggle? Why do we get along well with some people, but not others? It all comes down to our personalities. Identifying personalities in four different ways, or dimensions, dates back to ancient times with a lot of stops along the way. Knowing who you are, who you REALLY are, and having a clear understanding of others and how they tick is something we can all benefit from.

When you read through the chapters in this book, you will get a much better understanding of who you are and the differences between you and other people. Once you get where they’re coming from, and what is going on in their minds, you will find that you are seeing them in a different way; a way that will help you build and strengthen the way you interact with the people in your life.


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